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Classical Rhythms CD

Price: $20.00

Classical Rhythms is an extraordinary compilation of beautiful and lively Baroque music that energizes you both physically and mentally. Different from all other recordings in the Relax with the Classics collection, it consists entirely of Baroque pieces in the quicker allegro tempos. These faster pieces activate the most alert brain state—the beta brain wave state—thus enabling you to work, to study, to think, and to exercise with optimal energy and productivity. The bright tempos and tonal qualities of the instrumentation have been selected to help maintain a positive mental attitude. Unlike other music in such quick tempos, this genre of music energizes and lifts spirits without creating stress.

Because Classical Rhythms conforms to the perfectly balanced structure inherent in all Baroque music, it has the unique capacity to create energy without agitation. Quick Baroque is used for brainstorming, energy boosts (especially effective during work breaks and study breaks or in the late afternoon when energy often flags), kinesthetic learning, and physical exercise. It is also great for lifting your spirits.

Lively and Energizing music by: Albinoni, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, Mozart, and J. S. Bach
Time; 60:09

Price: $20.-