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Island Sounds Healing Heart Cassette Tape

Price: $15.00

Island Sounds Healing Heart, the recording of Hawaiian songs with a heartbeat, was created for the purpose of providing a familiar, yet regulating  audio stimulus to assist with transporting and caring  for senior Hawaiians with Alzheimer's syndrome and other dementias. The selections were the result of a statewide survey to determine songs reflective of the youth and early adulthood of senior Hawaiians. The application of principles from both psychology of music and music therapy should produce a collection of music that will have a calming effect on both the mind and the body of those listening to this special creative and therapeutic redording. This album was created for ALU LIKE, Inc., Kumu Kahi Department, KE OLA PONO NO NA KUPUNA, Good Health and Living for the Elderly in 2003.

Price: $15.- (Tape)

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