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Music Therapy Services

Sounding Joy's Direct Services include music therapy consultation, assessment, treatment planning, evaluation, and individual/group sessions conducted by Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC's).  These services are available to anyone, but people with disabilities receive priority.  Music therapy sessions can be offered either individually or in group, according to the client's needs. 

We have grants and scholarships available to assist with payment for music therapy services.  Please contact our office at (808) 593-2620 or for more information.

Music Therapy on Neighbor Islands

Direct Services for Maui residents can be obtained through our Maui associates:

Ms. Stacie Proctor, MMT, MT-BC

Please contact us at (808) 593-2620 or to be connected with our Maui therapists.

When grant funding is available, Sounding Joy can offer music therapy services on other islands.  Please contact our office if interested.

Seminars and Conferences

Our organization offers various ranges of music therapy seminars and conferences, including continuing education credit opportunities. They are mostly targeted to specific populations/groups and topics, but sometimes to the general public.  People may need to contact us before attending them. Fees vary according to the nature of the events.  You may also find information about current and up-coming seminars / conferences in Event Calendar on our website.  Please or call Keiko, Education Director, at (808) 593-2620 for details.