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There are no other counterparts offering music therapy in our community to compare fees. However, The State of Hawaii, Department of Education, currently pays $ 65 per hour for music therapy as one of the related services under the section Americans with Disability Act (ADA), e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and etc. Our fees may be slightly higher than the national avarage due to the high living-cost in Hawaii. For the consultative services, fees are "considerably higher", a statement made by American Music Therapy Association, who conducts a nationwide research on the subject. Our fees for providing educations & seminars in music therapy are minimum fees provided by State Organization for Professional Training Services.

Music Therapy Direct Services:
Individual Music Therapy Session            $  75          per hour
Group Music Therapy Session                 $  40          per hour

Music Therapy Consultative Services                 $  90           per hour

Music Therapy Education & Seminar                 $ 100 - 200  per hour