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... was established in September 2002, as the first and only non-profit organization, with IRS code 501(c)(3), to promote music therapy in the State of Hawaii. It was to respond to the growing demands for music therapy services in our community.
… is to enhance public awareness of benefits of music therapy, to increase accessibility to music therapy services, and to advance music therapy research, in order to improve quality of life through therapeutic uses of music.  We believe the power of music can transform people’s lives significantly.


… consists of therapeutic uses of music to address behavioral, social, psychological, physical, communicative, sensory-motor, and/or cognitive functioning. It is an allied health profession similar to occupational and physical therapy.

Music therapy may include the use of behavioral, biomedical, developmental, educational, humanistic, adaptive music instruction, and/or other models. It enhances one’s quality of life, involving human relationships, which are structured and adapted through the elements of
music to create a positive environment and set the occasion for successful growth and changes.
Because music therapy is a powerful and nonthreatening medium, unique outcomes are possible. Music therapy is used successfully with all ages and disabilities.

We provide:
  • Music Therapy direct services: 
    • Consultations & session planning
    • Assessments & evaluations
    • Individual & group music therapy sessions.
  • Music Therapy seminars and  conferences.
  • Educational services in Music Therapy.
  • Studies & research in music therapy.

Please browse through our website and contact us for more information.